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What Do I Do if a Store is Closed?

Before even going to a store, you are required to confirm store hours. Learn more about that HERE. If you arrive to the store during the published time they are closed, you will NOT be paid for your shop. 

If a store is permanently closed

Click Start on the accepted shop Check through the list- use a screenshot of the store hours from maps Click on the "store closed" link when it pops up at the bottom Click "OK" to report the store as permanently closed

If you verified hours but the store is closed when you arrive


Check in like normal


In your storefront selfie, make it obvious that the store is closed either by showing how the lights are off, or in front of a sign on the door/window.


After you’ve clicked through the checklist, a blue link will populate to “report store closed.” Click that and confirm. (See above for visuals) 


Go into google maps and take a screenshot of the hours showing that the store should have been open at that time. Make sure to include the address and the time on your phone in the screenshot. Do not crop the photo. 


In the app, select Message Manager, making sure it’s for Shiftsmart Mystery Shopping.


Send the screenshot of store hours, the Retailer Name and Address, and the time you went to the store.


Please be patient and know that we may not be able to respond right away, but we will get you taken care of.

If you arrive to the store without having verified hours and it’s closed


It is your responsibility to verify that a store is open for you to be able to conduct a mystery shop. If you arrive at the store while they are closed, you will not be paid for that shop, nor do we reimburse for time or gas.

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