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Using Messaging in the App

Shiftsmart keeps you connected to your coworkers and managers with easy-to-use messaging. Send out text messages, photos, videos and audio clips. All messaging activity takes place on the Messaging tab.

Reading Messages


  • Click Messages on the bottom toolbar. This will bring you to your message inbox.
  • Click into a thread to read all messages
  • Swipe left on a message to see who has or has not read a message


Sending Messages

  • Click on the relevant thread
  • Type a message into the text box
    • The toolbar below the text box allows you to send audio clips, photos stored on your phone, take a new photo and attach it, or include emojis.
  • Click the Screen_Shot_2019-10-01_at_5.09.54_AM.png button to send the message
  • The new message will appear in the message thread


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