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What if I need to cancel a shift, will that affect future opportunities?

We understand - life happens!  If you need to cancel a shift, you will need to do so through the app, similar to how you accept a shift.

Open the app, navigate to the Schedule tab, and click the shift you need to cancel.  Next, click the Cancel button, then press "Remove Shift from Schedule".  See the screenshots below for a visual. 


The app says you may be prevented from accessing other work when you cancel, so you might be wondering if that would affect you.  Important: Cancelation policies vary by project.  At Shiftsmart, certain roles have formal policies around cancelations and access to work.  If these policies exist for your role, they will be very clearly communicated to you during virtual training and in app messaging while you work on the project.  

If you are on a project where no formal policy has been communicated, we still do recommend communicating with management if you need to cancel last minute.  When in doubt, reach out in the app!






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