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Storefront Photo (Selfie) Requirements

Check In Photo Requirements

One of the requirements when conducting a mystery shop on the Shiftsmart platform is to take a photo while you are at the retailer conducting your interaction. Many other mystery shops require a purchase to be made in the store to verify that you were at the correct location, but at Shiftsmart we’ve taken a different approach. Instead, we use a selfie, in conjunction with geo-verification, instead of asking you to make a purchase. There are three requirements for the photos, which are detailed below.


  • A unique image for every shop
    • Each survey you fill out should include a unique image taken at the same time you check-in.
  • Include your face in the photo
    • We require that you include yourself in the photo so we can see that you are present at the location. Make sure this is a selfie so we can see your face.
  • Include the retailer name and building facade in the photo
    • In case there is an issue obtaining your geo-location data, we will use the building facade as a secondary confirmation of location.


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