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What are Instant Payments?

What are Instant Payments?

Instant payments enable you to get paid as soon as your shift is approved, instead of days later.


How Instant Payments Work

After completing an eligible shift and setting up a debit card, your earnings will be available as an instant payment (a portion of your earnings will be available if you are a W-2 employee). You can access your funds by selecting Get Paid Now on the upper right hand corner of the home tab. 

Any funds you do not transfer to your account instantly will be transferred 1/week to your account automatically. If you are a W-2 worker, any unused available funds and the portion of your paycheck not included as an instant payment will be paid to you on your company’s regular payday.   


Instant Payments in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Set up your Debit Card 

If you already have a debit card entered for payment, ensure it’s set as your default account

To set up your debit card, select Profile then the IMG_3503.jpg in the upper right corner. Select Bank Accounts and Add Debit Card on the bottom of the screen. After entering your Debit Card information, check to see if your debit card is eligible for Instant Payments. 


95% of debit cards are eligible for instant pay. After adding your card, it will note whether it is supported - you can find the list of supported instant payments here. Prepaid debit cards do not support instant pay.           

To set your card as the Default Account, select your debit card eligible for instant payments and select the blue Make Default option. The icon will now appear on the new default account

Step 2: Opt-in to Instant Payment

In order to participate in Instant Pay, you must opt into the service. 

Return to the Home screen and select Pay Me Now at the top of the home screen. When the prompt appears, select Yes


Step 3: Complete Eligible Shift by Checking In and Out

Accept and complete shifts as you normally do! Make sure you check-in and check-out of the shift to be eligible for instant payments. Questions? See this article

Step 4: Get Paid!

After your shift has been approved for payment you’ll see funds available when you select Get Paid Now until your employer’s defined expiration date (typically a week before your employer’s Pay Date). Typically, shifts take between 1-3 days to be approved for payment.

Select the amount you would like to instantly get paid, then confirm. Instant payments usually take minutes to appear in your account, but can sometimes take up to 30 minutes.

Any unused available funds and the portion of your paycheck not included as an instant payment will be paid to you once per week, or on your company’s regular payday.  

Keep in mind, each instant payment will incur a base fee as designated in the app (up to $3 per instant payment transaction). 


If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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