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Will I receive a 1099 form?

Around the beginning of each year, US partners who meet the required earnings threshold will be able to access their 1099s via Stripe, below are steps on setting up your account and accessing prior 1099s.

Please ensure your Email and Full Address listed on your user account profile is always current to ensure your form is emailed to the correct address.


Updated Jan 2023:

  • Partners who earned less than $600 the prior year will not receive a 1099.
    • Please ensure you make a plan to put earnings aside, we do not withhold taxes from your earnings as you are classified as independent workers [1099]. We strongly suggest using a trusted 1099 Tax Calculator or consulting with a Tax Consultant to understand your tax obligations. We do not want you caught off guard during Tax Season! 
  • Shiftsmart has until the end of January to file tax forms with the IRS.
  • Ensure your current email address is reflected on the app in order to receive your 1099 as quickly as possible


Step-by-step guide on accessing all available 1099s tax forms electronically via Stripe:

Support Articles:

For assistance or questions, please call or chat Stripe directly:


Shiftsmart’s Info:

TIN: 47-4937163

Unfortunately we are not licensed tax consultants and unable to give Tax advice. WE can urge you to be aware of your filing requirements and that taxes are not withheld from 1099 worker's earnings. We have provided some helpful links below. Please do your research!

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