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How long after training will I be able to work?

After you complete your virtual training attendance quiz, head over to the Onboarding section of the app. There are 3 different options you might see:

Option 1:  If you still see the role's onboarding section on the step that says to complete Virtual training quiz, that means you did not successfully complete the attendance quiz.  Please try this again using the same code which your trainer provided at the end of the session.

Option 2:  If you still see the role's onboarding section on the step after virtual training, you will need to finish that step before you can become ready for shifts.  The onboarding steps are as detailed as possible to provide you with a clear description of what else is needed!

Option 3: If you no longer see the option for the role's onboarding, that means you have completed all of the steps and are ready to work!  Open shifts should usually be available to you within the next 24 hours, but as a reminder shift availability does vary by project.  You might not be seeing any shifts after 24 hours because they are filled for the week, but be on the lookout for new shifts released often!  If you would like to know specifically about shift availability for the role you completed, please message the in app manager.


For the full step by step guide to working a training shift, click here.

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