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Why don't I see any shifts in the app?

There are a few different circumstances in which you are not seeing any shifts in the app:

1.  You are not shift eligible yet.

Our partners need to complete all of the steps in onboarding for each role you are going to work with us.  For each project you signed up for, if you still see the onboarding appear in the app, that means you must still complete the necessary steps before being ready for shifts. 

If you still need to begin your onboarding and don't know how to start, please click here to apply for our open work opportunities.

If you believe there is a mistake with your onboarding and a step should have been completed, please click here to submit a ticket.  Choose "Onboarding" as the Topic, and include all the details of the project and step in question.


2.  You are shift eligible, but shifts are have limited availability or haven't been posted yet.

We typically make new shifts available in the app 72 hours or more in advance of the shift, but this may vary based on client and project need.  Additionally, certain projects experience a decrease in hours depending on the time of year.  As such, you might notice that some shifts are filled very quickly after being released.  However, whenever a partner cancels or a slot has been increased, you will receive a notification for the opening!

The best way to confirm this situation is by reaching out to your manager about the current shift availability and schedule.


3.  You are no longer shift eligible due to performance.

In rarer cases, partners can be removed for repeat poor performance.  However, we ensure that we proactively communicate in these instances to partners with a clear outline of the issues and resulting removal, so there is no confusion or misunderstanding.  

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