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Virtual Onboarding: The Complete Guide

At Shiftsmart, we offer virtual onboarding sessions via Zoom for many of our roles.  Our onboarding sessions are still shifts on the platform, with the zoom information provided in the shift itself.

Below is a step by step summary of working an onboarding shift:

Invitation to Shift:  Once you are eligible for onboarding, you will see that "Attend virtual training" is the current step in the Onboarding.  As soon as these shifts are available, you will be invited to the open shifts, and these will populate on the Home screen of your Shiftsmart app.  

Choosing your Shift:  After choosing which shift works best for you, click the shift, and press the blue Accept button!  You can accept multiple sessions, but note that unless your onboarding specifically states that you need to attend multiple trainings, you only have to complete one!

Check-in to Shift:  Once it is time to start your shift, head to the Schedule tab of the app and click into the shift itself.  Press the blue Check In button to complete this step.

Join zoom session:  Now, it's time to join the virtual session!  You can either join via your phone, or a desktop:

  • Joining by phone:  Inside the Shift overview, scroll down and press "Open External Link". Note: You must have the Zoom application installed first or else you will receive an error that the URL is invalid!  For help, click here.
  • Joining by computer:  Inside the Shift overview, scroll down to the Shift Details section.  There you will find the zoom url.  Type this url into a browser on your computer (google chrome is preferred).  Press the Launch Meeting button.  Note:  if you do not have the zoom application downloaded on your computer, you will see a "Join from browser" option pop up that can also be used.  For help, click here.

You will see a window in Zoom that says "Please wait for the host to start this meeting" before the host opens the session.  Once the session has started, you will be sent to the waiting room, where the host will let you in as long as you join at a reasonable time.  If you are unable to join until later in the session, you will need to reschedule for another date.

Obtain 4 digit code:  At the end of each onboarding session, the host will provide you with a 4 digit code.  This code is only given out in onboarding sessions (we will not share afterwards through other channels) and is necessary to complete your attendance quiz.  Once you have the code, you can check out of the shift, or go ahead and complete the quiz first while still on the zoom!

Complete attendance quiz:  Head back to the Onboarding page and press "Complete Attendance Quiz".  This is a short quiz which ensures you were both in attendance and engaged with the content.  Type in the 4 digit code provided by the session host, then answer the questions to the best of your ability! 


That's it - you have successfully completed your first virtual onboarding shift with Shiftsmart!

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