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I cannot open or send any Messages

If you are having trouble loading messages,

  • Messaging tab is blank and nothing loads
  • An error that states "something went wrong, please try opening chat again" is seen
  • There is an unread message from a manager that you can see from the messaging tab, but not click into and read

First, try to log out and log back into your Shiftsmart account and close & reopen the mobile app.  If you are currently in an area with poor reception, please try again with strong wifi or mobile data speeds.

If this does not work, please click here to submit a ticket and choose the Topic "Messaging Issue in App"

One of our team members will close the specific message causing the error from our platform, and reach back out once resolved to confirm you are able to access messaging again.

We understand how important it is to be in contact with your manager, so we thank you for your patience and are always continuing to improve our Application!

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