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What are bonuses?

Stay Reliable! Stay In Shifts! Stay Paid! | Maximize your Earnings!!


We offer a variety of bonus opportunities to our Partners, we typically communicate new bonus opportunities to eligible Partners via App notification, text message, or email. 

*Some of our projects may offer many bonus opportunities and some projects may never offer a bonus


Shift Bonus:

A bonus tied to a specific shift in the Shiftsmart App. Shifts with bonuses will have the bonus amount in Gold next to the hourly rate. Shift bonuses are included in the shift and will be processed with your shift payment. 

Completion Bonus:

These bonuses are project specific and have completion requirements to qualify for the bonus. Below are a few examples of some of completion bonus requirements - some bonuses may have multiple requirements:

      • completing shifts at a specified store or shop location
      • completing a certain number of shifts within a specified time frame
      • completing your first shift
      • completing a certain number of shifts within 2 weeks of training
      • completing a certain number of active hours a for a Survey Calling role
      • reliability bonuses - complete a certain number of shifts during a specified time frame without incurring No Shows or Cancellations 


Once the eligible shift is completed and approved for payment, you will receive the bonus payment within 7 business days of your shift being approved.


How to Stay Paid!:

Please be mindful all projects and roles have unique guidelines and requirements in place to ensure shifts are filled with our Valued Reliable Partners. 

    • Adhere to project specific reliability policies i.e. No Shows and Cancellations
    • Follow project specific check-in and out procedures
    • Ensure your profile is up to date to i.e. full address, payment account setup

If you have not received your bonus within 5 business days of approved shift please kindly reach we will be happy to assist further.


How To Reach Out:

  • Navigate to the home screen of Shiftsmart App and select the blue question mark in the top right corner. 


Shiftsmart Home Screen -> Select ? -> Create a Support Ticket -> Payments -> Bonuses

    • Please provide the following details when creating a support ticket:
      • Screenshots of bonus offer communication  i.e. emails or text messages:
      • Project & Shift(s) you believe are eligible for bonus:
      • Date & Amount:
      • Any other relevant details pertaining bonus:


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