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I got a text for an open shift, but when I check the app there are none available.

Some of the roles we currently offer have limited slots per shift.  When we release a shift into the platform, these are first come first serve to partners.  As such, you will experience times where you receive a SMS notification that a shift is available, or a notification via the app, only to shortly discover the shift is no longer available.

When this happens - don't worry!  We frequently post shifts constantly throughout the day depending on scheduling needs, and there will usually be plenty of opportunities to actually secure a shift.  

Tip:  Having your app open on the home screen will increase your likelihood of being able to secure a shift.  Once shifts are released, the app is updated in real time (no need to refresh).  There will still be instances where the shift is filled, but having the app open and ready to accept gives you the best chance to secure your spot.

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