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What if I'm unable to upload my ID into the app?

First, Please read through Stripe's requirements and guidelines Below!

  1. Ensure your Identification is acceptable - list here:
    1. Full Legal Name must match document and your associated SSN/ITIN
    2. Identification Document must not be expired 
  2. Ensure your Bank is an accepted bank - list here:
    1. Ensure your full legal name, DOB, and full address match your Bank Account and associated SSN/ITIN.

Acceptable forms of Identification for US Partners:

  • Passport
  • Passport card
  • Drive license card
  • State issued ID card
  • Resident permit ID / U.S Green Card
  • Border crossing card
  • Child ID card
  • NYC card
  • U.S. visa card

Information Required by Stripe to create a Payment Account:

  • Full legal name that matches the name in your Stripe profile
  • Date of birth (DOB) that matches what’s in your Stripe profile
  • Photo of person (except where exclusions apply)

Common Requirements:

  • The format must be no more than one step removed from the original document:
    • Photos and scans must be in color
    • Images must not be low-quality
    • Identity and legal entity documents must not be expired
    • Documents must be readable
      Documents must not be missing crucial information, and all borders must be visible
    • If the country of residence differs from the country of the account, a passport is required for identity verification.


If you are unable to upload your Identification Document in the Shiftsmart App please navigate to the home screen and create a support ticket.
select blue ? -> Create a Support Ticket



When submitting a support ticket please ensure your document meets the Common Requirements - ensure you include color photos of the front and back of your document.

Thank you



Acceptable Documents by Country:

  • Acceptable identity documents vary by country, however, a passport for identity verification is always acceptable and preferred.
  • Acceptable Verification Documents by Country:


All Shiftsmart Payment Accounts will be verified by Stripe, our payment processing company.


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